Audio Book Production

Audio Book Proposal: Rapunzel written by the Grim Brothers

Group Members: Austin Gaquin, Dan Aharonian, and Gabby LaPerriere

Rapunzel is a story that carries on a variety of adaptations. Some individuals grasp on to the plot, while others carry away the image of a beautiful girl with long hair. Personally, I never recalled the first half of the story, which entailed a husband eagerly retrieving rampion from the neighbor’s “splendid” garden for his wife. The wife grew greedy after her first taste of the garden’s treasure. She asked the husband to satisfy her rampion cravings, the loving husband once again went fetch rampion from the enchantresses garden. His second attempt wasn’t nearly as successful as the first; the enchantress caught him in the act. She was enraged and punished both the husband and wife by taking their newly born child. The plot seems more “normal” and nostalgic once the child, Rapunzel, was locked up into the highest tower at the age of twelve. The enchantress would yell “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me.” Years later, the King’s son passed by and heard Rapunzel’s sweet melodic voice, he was instantly captivated. Nights later, he witnessed Rapunzel letting down her hair to the enchantress; the Kings son figured that he would follow suit. One night he asked Rapunzel to let down her hair, and when she did he eagerly climbed up the highest tower. As time elapsed they developed plans to marry, the Enchantress heard of these plans and was infuriated. She cut Rapunzel’s hair and tossed her into a barren desert. The next night, the enchantress stood in the tower, and when the King’s son said “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me,” she did. Once he climbed to the top of the tower he found out what happened to Rapunzel and was saddened. After the Kings son heard the awful news, the enchantress tossed him out of the tower and he was then blinded by thorns after his fall.  He walked around aimlessly, wallowing in despair, until a few years later when he stumbled across the desert and heard a familiar voice. It was Rapunzel’s! They reunited and cried tears of joy. Her tears healed the mans blindness and they lived happily ever after.

Our group chose this book for a variety of reasons, not simply because it’s a Caldecott winner, but because it’s truly a classic.  There is an ever-present familiarity of the text both within the group and also, we’re assuming, with most other people. Everyone knows the line “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me.” In addition to the appeal it has to a variety of audiences, our group gravitated to this book because the Disney adaptation, Tangled, truly captured our hearts. The innocence and hope that lied within the animated movie was touching to say the least. Lastly we found that the story itself would be complimented even more so by making it into an audiobook. Not only does the text have large amounts of underlying emotion, but there is also a rhythmic dynamic to it as well. In addition, the story also meshes well with the fact that we will have both a female and two male narrators, which will definitely enhance the story and help, create an image for those listening.


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